Mixology – The Healthy Makeup Alternative – Emerging Magazine Gift Suite Sponsor

mixology,mixology makeup
Mixology – The Healthy Makeup Alternative has become one of the latest 2009 Emerging Magazine Emmy Gift Suite sponsors.

Rachael Ward of Mixology was contacted by Cher Ferroggiaro who had discovered Mixology’s products while perusing the website Etsy.

Cher sent an email to Rachael and suggested she contact the magazine for a possible gift bag opportunity for the 2009 Emmy Gift Suite event to be held at a private residence in Beverly Hills, CA., September 18 and 19, 2009.

See why Mixology was selected and what some Hollywood Stars will be using this year by visiting Rachael’s site. (Click Here)

Mixology Makeup is the healthy makeup alternative that will help improve the quality of your skin and give you a radiant look without damaging ingredients! NO cheap fillers, NO chemicals, NO synthetic dyes (the culprits for most allergic reactions), NO parabens, & NO preservatives. Vegan friendly, Virtually water resistant, perfect for very sensitive skin, anti-inflammatory, great coverage for acne & rosacea, won’t clog pores so your skin can breathe, natural SPF, light weight, & dry ingredients so bacteria does not grow (if kept dry). Bismuth & Carmine Free! Also, we do not use stock photos so you know you are truly seeing Our color!


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