Luxury Italian car manufacturer, Maserati, joined forces with iconic London department store, Liberty, and inspirational fashion charity, LDNY, to launch the ‘Legacy’ collection in a unique and interactive window display at the Regent Street store earlier this week.

The exclusive launch of the fashion collection includes a bespoke window display at Liberty which is in situ exclusively for one week between 26th October and 2nd November. The window features three examples from the Legacy collection alongside cutting-edge technology from ‘Those’ – a London-based digital design works – with their digital drawing system ‘The Woodpecker’.

The Woodpecker is an innovative drawing robot that sketches images of Maserati cars, as well as images from the Legacy Collection and Liberty’s famous Tudor-style shop-front onto the glass window live in front of London shoppers. The Woodpecker also invites members of the public to be a part of the window display by writing tweets using the hashtag #LibertyxMaserati onto the glass.

To see highlights from the event at Liberty and the interactive window in action visit:

The Legacy Collection is an ethical, luxury fashion project by the LDNY Foundation which promotes female designers from around the world. The LDNY Foundation is a partnership between London College of Fashion (LCF) and Parson’s School in New York. Students from both universities entered designs by artisans inspired by nations such as Ethiopia, India, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea and Peru into a competition. Three LCF students; Nayana Kodesia, Nitya Kishore and Leticia Jacobson, will see their designs go on sale exclusively at Liberty.


Peter Denton, Region Manager, Maserati North Europe said, “LDNY is a charity Maserati has been supporting since early 2015 when the first designs were showcased at Goldsmiths College. We’re delighted to see the final Legacy Collection in the window at Liberty, which is such an iconic fashion venue in London. Maserati has always been known for being a pioneer of style and design in the automotive world, so it’s an honour to champion new fashion innovators here in London.”



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  1. Pablo says:

    Basically it’s an actual but ovlretysed Chrysler 300 – You can recognize some very similar when not identical design details (some probably even MB-related) in and out (side mirrors), plus the long wheelbase (probably from the stretched version of previous 300 Executive) and finally You will know everything after taking a look under the hood, it’s really the same engine bay, mounts etc.! I drive the 300 so I know what I’m telling… The best is the rear-end – it’s so duplicated, repeated, that when I would remove the marque-badge, most of You wouldn’t even be able to call the manufacturer… Beside all that, that car is awful, a design step back form the predecessor in my opinion.


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