2015 season review – GT Sports Club. Domination of 458 Italia, Bianchi and Lanting

GT Sports Club Domination of 458 Italia - Bianchi and Lanting

Four Ferrari drivers representing three teams battled for the title up to the last race of the season in the GT Sports Club championship which made its debut in 2015.

Massimiliano Bianchi and the Kessel Racing team claimed victory at the end of the Misano Adriatico race; they claimed the title ahead of Cedric Mezard, of Scuderia Villorba Corse, and of the two standard-bearers of AF Corse, Mario Cordoni and Martin Lanting.

Scoring points in as many races as possible made the difference: Bianchi was more consistent throughout the season, even though he won only in Barcelona. Mezard finished second in the standings without winning a single race. Mario Cordoni, four times at the top of the podium, won most races but wasn’t enough for the title.

The fight in the Iron Cup was all within Ferrari and AF Corse, while the title went to Martin Lanting, five-time winner, ahead of Louis-Philippe Soenen (two wins) and Michael Luzich, who won in Barcelona.


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