2015 Season Review – F1 Clienti and XX Programs: The Year of FXX K

2015 Season Review - F1 Clienti and XX Programs: The Year of FXX K
2015 Season Review – F1 Clienti and XX Programs: The Year of FXX K

30 December 2015

The Challenge isn’t all there is to the Corse Clienti year. A portrait of the 2015 season would be incomplete without mentioning Ferrari’s non-competitive but equally important F1 Clienti and the XX Programmes. The two activities shared a calendar, which intertwined with that of the Challenge at the Ferrari Racing Days, to make a sort of big festival dedicated to the Prancing Horse. After two days of testing at Mugello, the exclusive F1 Clienti customers and XX Programmes special test drivers made their way to Fuji, where the season really started in April. A snowy Mount Fuji greeted cars such as the FXX and 599XX. The scenery was stunning and the track exciting to drive even at very low temperatures. The scenery and the public packed in the stands contributed to the success of the Ferrari Racing Days at Shanghai. Andrea Bertolini added further lustre to the event. The Ferrari World Endurance Championship (WEC) driver performed at the wheel of the FXX K, the latest car produced under the XX Programmes that was then ready to debut in the hands of the customers. The fans were excited to see the car, which was making its second public appearance after the unveiling on the track at the Finali Mondiali in December in Abu Dhabi.

The debut. The time was ripe for the FXX K to make its debut. After a final test at Imola, the 1000hp-plus car made its official debut with the special XX Programmes customer testers at the wheel at the Ferrari Racing Days in Budapest, a spectacular event further embellished by the performance of Scuderia Ferrari with Sebastian Vettel taking part in such an event for the first time.

Final part of the season. Before the summer break the FXX Ks and the other XX Programmes cars took to the track together at the F1 Clienti and at the Challenge on the Paul Ricard circuit in the second Ferrari Racing Days in Europe. September saw two days of tests at Spa-Francorchamps in which, despite the rain, the XX cars put on a show to equal that of the F1 Clienti historical single-seaters. The 412 T2 of 1995, the last V12, stood out as the car most admired by the public. Before the Finali Mondiali there was one final transatlantic trip for the Ferrari Racing Days of NOLA, in the U.S., where Marc Gené with the F2003-GA unofficially beat the track record established diring the season by the IndyCar single-seater of Tony Kanaan. The Finali Mondiali closed the season in the best way possible, with lots of cars on track, as well as the appearance of two 333 SPs, the endurance racer built by Ferrari in the mid 1990s. Along with the entire Ferrari management the latest two road and GT racing cars, the F12tdf and 488 GTE and GT3 put on a good show. These cars will be taking centre stage from the start of the 2016 season.


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