2015 Season Review – FFSA GT Tour. Jerome Policand Comes Close to a Shutout

2015 season review - FFSA GT Tour. Jerome Policand comes close to a shutout
2015 season review – FFSA GT Tour. Jerome Policand comes close to a shutout

Seven races out of fourteen: there is not much doubt that the Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 was the dominant car in the 2015 French GT championship. This is demonstrated by the win of the Akka ASP in the Teams’ standings of Jerome Policand which dominated the championship and approached a shutout with Jean-Luc Beaubelique and Morgan Moullin-Traffort who placed second among drivers, just nine points behind Olivier Pernaud, Raymond Narac and Sebastien Dumez who reaffirmed themselves at the wheel of the Porsche.

The first race of the season, which opened in Ledenon, went to Beaubelique, Moullin-Traffort and Philippe Giauque, but Ferrari also monopolised the triple round of Le Mans: the first race went to the 458 Italia GT3 of Sport Garage, driven by Stephane Lemeret, Arno Santamato and Eric Cayrolle; the second went to the Ferrari of the Duqueine Engineering team driven by Bruno Strazzer, Romain Brandela and Dino Lunardi; and the third went to the Akka ASP team with the young Maxime Pialat, Soheil Ayari and Nicolas Tardif.

The car of Sport Garage also won in the first race of Spa-Francorchamps, giving Ferrari five consecutive wins, and established itself as the benchmark of the championship. However, the second race of the weekend went to Narac-Pernaut-Dumez who started their comeback at this point. After the summer break, the Navarra race marked a setback for the Sport Garage car while giving renewed impetus to the Porsche drivers and to the Akka ASP crew of Beaubelique-Moullin-Traffort who lost Giauque, retained at the box by an accident and replaced by Rino Mastronardi.

The final race of Le Castellet was mind-boggling: the favourites on Porsche did very poorly in Race-1, while Beaubelique-Moullin-Traffort-Mastronardi won and came within five points of first place. The dream of the Ferrari drivers vanished on Sunday, as their 458 Italia was involved in an accident at the start. However, the team title was secure. The Sport Garage team was second in this special standing.


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