Ferrari Racing Days Suzuka 2016

Ferrari Racing Days Suzuka 2016, the special circuit event for Ferrari owners and fans, will be back to Suzuka Circuit again this year, for 2 days on 5th – 6th March 2016. Regular admission tickets and Upgrade pass will be available from tomorrow, 23rd January, via Lawson Tickets ( Furthermore OWNER PASS for Ferrari owners goes on sale via the Official Ferrari Network.

Ferrari Racing Days Suzuka 2016 is one of the largest events organised by Ferrari Japan in 2016, for owners of the Prancing Horse and fans, celebrating the spirit of its motorsport and racing DNA. The world’s most prominent one-make race and opening race of the 2016 season, the Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific (*1), will be held, as well as an array of exciting track activities by Corse Clienti (*2).

The highlight of this event is the debut of the Ferrari FXX K on a Japanese race track, which was officially unveiled in December 2014 during Finali Mondiali in Abu Dhabi. The FXX K is a laboratory car, based on Ferrari’s first hybrid model, the LaFerrari, and boasts extreme performance, total system output of 1,050cv, and a maximum torque in excess of 900 Nm. The K in FXX K stands for KERS, Kinetic Energy Recovery system, used to maximize performance on the track.

F1 Clienti (*3) track activity of Formula1 cars F310B (1997), F2001 (2001), F2003-GA (2003), and F10 (2010) will also be making an appearance. In addition, other track-only models, such as the FXX and 599XX will also be making rare demonstration runs, only available for viewing at this event.

A record number of 35 drivers, including an all-time high number of Japanese drivers, are scheduled to race at the Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific. There are four categories for each race: Trofeo Pirelli, Trofeo Pirelli AM, Coppa Shell and Gentlemen Cup, the latter for those over 55. Four races in one, therefore, with four winners per race and four opportunities for a great spectacle.

Among the many programmes during the weekend, Ferrari owners will get the opportunity to get behind the wheel of their own splendid cars to see how they measure up during track sessions such as the Sports Drive and Excite Drive. Also this year, and for the first time, the Upgrade pass, with pit walk, will be available for purchase for Ferrari fans. This is a rare chance to see, up close, all the race cars in the paddock area.

This action-packed weekend will be open to everyone including Ferrari owners and fans to experience the world of Ferrari.

*1 Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific Series

The Ferrari one-make race, Ferrari Challenge, established in 1993, will be holding its 24th event in 2016. In addition to many owner drivers having made their debut, many experienced veteran drivers have participated in this race since 1993. The Asia Pacific series, established in 2011 and now in its sixth year, will be kicking off the 2016 first round of six races at the Ferrari Racing Days Suzuka 2016.

*2 Corse Clienti

The Corse Clienti service was set up in 2001 with a department that supports owners of Prancing Horse race cars and which helps them in all types of racing activity, from running old Formula 1 cars to the XX Programmes and also in the Ferrari Challenge and GT races. These racing activities are designed and arranged to match each individual’s skill level. Reflecting the conviction of Enzo Ferrari to preserve the rigorous relationship between the race cars and road cars, Corse Clienti seeks to honor the wishes of owners that desire to challenge themselves by racing in the one-make race, Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli, Ferrari GT races and other F1 and XX programmes.

*3 F1 Clienti

Established in 2003, the F1 Clienti department brings to life an otherwise would be only dream, that allows certain lucky Ferrari owners to own and drive special Formula 1 cars. F1 Clienti obtains the models previously used by Scuderia Ferrari, outfits them with the latest safety installations, and operates test driving sessions at Corse Clienti organized events such as Ferrari Racing Days and Finali Mondiali, where they can savour the pleasure of driving on famous circuits, with the added excitement of being watched by spectators on their feet in the grandstands.

Ferrari Racing Days Suzuka 2016 Ticket Sale Information:


Saturday 5th March – Sunday 6th March


Suzuka Circuit (

Ticket Information


Owner Pass allows owners special access to the Hospitality lounge and to participate in the various programmes to enjoy the world of Ferrari during the Ferrari Racing Days Suzuka 2016. Owner Pass is available for purchase at any Official Ferrari Network for below listed prices.

■ March 5th (Saturday)

Adult (ages 13+) : 20,000 yen

Children (ages 6-12) : 2,000 yen

■ March 6th (Sunday)

Adult (ages 13+) : 25,000 yen

Children (ages 6-12) : 3,000 yen

■ 2-Day Pass

Adult (ages 13+) : 30,000 yen

Children (ages 6-12) : 4,000 yen



Regular admission pre-sale tickets is available for purchase at any Lawson Tickets


■ Pre-sale tickets (Saturday and Sunday two-day pass)

Adult (junior high-school and above) : 3,200 yen

Children (elementary school) : 800 yen

Infant (less than 3 years) : 600 yen


Regular admission day of event tickets and upgrade pass are available for purchase at Suzuka Circuit on the day of the event.

■ Day of event ticket sales

Adult (junior high-school and above) : 1,700 yen

Children (elementary school) : 800 yen

Infant (less than 3 years) : 600 yen

■ Upgrade Pass (Saturday and Sunday two-day pass)

Adult / Children : 2,000 yen


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