Red Label by Flexjet Delivers Premium Comfort and Personalized Customization

“Red Label by Flexjet is a game-changing differential in the fractional private jet travel industry,” said Michael Silvestro, Flexjet’s Chief Executive Officer. “Red Label delivers a level of premium comfort and customization that fosters a private flying experience as personally rewarding and empowering as owning your own aircraft. This truly is the future of fractional. Our new television commercial communicates this in a captivating way that will resonate with both current and potential Owners.”

The Red Label fleet is made up of the Learjet 75LXi, Challenger 350, Legacy 450 and Gulfstream G450, G500 and G650.

Red Label is the result of a two-year effort to articulate Flexjet’s vision of the future of fractional by customizing the company’s services and jets to exceed the expectations of the fractional ownership industry’s most sophisticated group of Owners.

Among the features available only through Red Label is the “One Crew, One Aircraft” model, through which flight crews are dedicated to a single aircraft. Having crews flying only one aircraft gives Owners a higher level of confidence and consistency, much like the model used by the U.S. military, in which each pilot flies their own plane exclusively, becoming intimately familiar with every aspect of its operation. The resulting sense of familiarity and comfort is similar to what you experience with whole-aircraft ownership, and is unique in the fractional industry.

In addition, artisan aircraft interiors with innovative cabin design elements are available through Flexjet’s LXi Cabin Collection and are unique to Red Label. These interiors include such features as hand-stitched leather seating, a distinctively warm, welcoming color palette and customized seating configurations such as the fold-down ottoman in the forward club of Flexjet’s Learjet 75LXi.

Lear Jet 75lxi Hero - Emerging Magazine Aviation News

“There is nothing else like Red Label by Flexjet in private aviation,” added Silvestro. “It is years ahead of the rest of the fractional industry, and provides a premium level of comfort and customization that offers Owners a truly personalized flying experience. We believe our new commercial displays the quality of Red Label in a way that will appeal to those who appreciate the best things in life.”

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Source: FlexJet


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