Give The Best In The World For Valentine’s Day

World's Best Chocolate For Gifting - Emerging Magazine Best of the BestValentine’s Day gifting can send both male and female into a frantic frenzy. Selecting the perfect gift that conveys one’s inner most expression of love toward another, can be a daunting task for many.

Keep in mind, the most popular gift is a greeting card, followed second by dinner at a restaurant. The third most sought after gift is our primary focus for Valentine’s Day 2016. Chocolate, that sensually smooth, luxuriously bittersweet and velvety rich darkness that heightens the senses and soothes the soul.

However, chocolate purchases should not be taken lightly nonetheless. Choosing the absolute best, the most delectable chocolate in the world can be a luxuriating experience for the recipient. In some cases, the savory delight can replace of jewelry.

The most expensive chocolate does not translate to meaning, the best chocolate in the world. Packaging, 24 karat edible gold flakes and other embellishments can escalate the costs, yet leave your taste buds feeling discount store variety depraved.

Although Le Chocolat sells for a hefty $ 1.5 million dollars, diamonds included, it is not the world’s best chocolate. The cost may become more memorable than the flavor in this case.

Best Valentine's Gift is Not Most Expensive Chocolate, But Best Chocolate - Emerging Magazine Best Valentine's Day Gift

The world’s best dark chocolate is Porcelana by Rogue Chocolatiers (United States). This small chocolatier is located in Three Rivers, Massachucetts. The young owner and his team search for fine cacao farmers in Peru, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago and Honduras to use in their manufacturing process.

Cost: $ 18.00 per bar

Best Chocolate Valentines Gift

Not a dark chocolate fan? The best milk chocolate bar in the world is Piura Milk and it is created by chocolatier, Cacaosuyo. The company’s CEO seeks out the rarest cacao in creating their most delectable chocolate bar.

Piura Milk is created with rare beans from the Piura region of Peru. After a slow sensual  build, you are treated with a wave of vibrant fruity notes before fading back to a more rounded, woody flavor.

The cost of this luxury: $ 13.00 per 2.47 ounce bar

Best Valentine's Day Gift Chocolates

There you have it, treat your admired one to the best chocolate gift in the world. How you dress it up before presentation is up to you. However, they will never forget the unmistakable savory flavor slipping, fading from their sense of taste. Happy Valentine’s Day 2016.



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