How Important Is Traffic To Your Content?

Is Website Traffic or Views Important
Is website traffic or views important?

Quality visitors to your website, social page(s) and YouTube accounts is very important in today’s digital age. Simply creating a website or adding content to a social media or video site is not enough. Your website or your content is quite similar to a brick and mortar business or store, think of it as such.

Keeping in mind your site(s) and content are similar to a business, without heavy traffic and advertising, few people will know about your business. The same holds true for your online presence.

Quality Traffic

As in a business, location is important, depending on your product and how successful you desire your business to become. Example, if you are operating a store that sells high-end products, certainly a lower income area will not bring your business the perfect clientele.

Traffic to your content or site(s) needs to be real people, not non-human bots. The more quality traffic your site receives, the more likely persons within the traffic will enjoy your content. Purchasing traffic is a great way to start, especially “Targeted Traffic.” Targeted traffic will send persons from a specific Country, State or City region or you may reach a worldwide audience.

Here is one economical, yet quality (real people) traffic sources: Quality Traffic

Gaining Higher Rankings

Gain Real YouTube Subscribers
Gain “Real” YouTube Subscribers

Once you have regular traffic established, gaining recognition as a reputable source is extremely important. Gaining new subscribers and advertisers can be daunting task, however there are methods to attain those as well.

It is human nature to become a part of something big. Even advertisers want to work with a growing website or content owner. The more subscribers and views you have, the more others will want to be a part of your success. A higher Alexa ranking is important, as this establishes credibility and reputation. Most advertisers will check your Alexa ranking before deciding to advertise with you. Subscribers will take into account how many subscribers and views you receive. Additionally, the more subscribers and views your content receives increases your place and ranking on social websites and video sites.

Increase Internet Credibility and Reputation
Increase Internet Credibility and Reputation

This “Traffic and Alexa Ranking” source is a one-stop shop for making your site or content credible and reputable. Boost My Rankings

Increase your video subscribers like and views. This site not only offers free and paid “real” subscribers, viewers and likes, but has resources for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. Remember, just because a site says they will bring your subscribers and traffic, does not mean they are quality sites. Using the wrong service can get you account flagged or closed on some social media sites. Additionally, search engines will not index your content. Check out this company for social media and video site traffic: YouTube and Social Media Boosts

Do Large Corporations Use Traffic and Ranking Services?

Are Website Visitors and Rankings ImportantYes, large corporations and media services definitely know the importance of traffic and credibility. Without these resources, their brick and mortar business may fair well, yet their online presence may lack considerably.

Many Fortune 500 companies and well established media corporations use traffic services to receive new subscribers and users of their products or services.


Your content should be engaging, empowering and interesting. Creating a niche is important for your success. Example, if your site or content is about fashion, adding content relating to anything other than fashion will cost you subscribers. People are subscribing because you have something they are interested in. Should you feel you want to add content other than fashion, create another website devoted to your other content.

Once you have created your website, added video to say, YouTube, offer great content, then begin your ranking and traffic campaign. Remember, doing this is no different than spending advertising dollars. It will pay you in the short term, as well as in the long run.


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