Infinite Rush Infused Luxury and Adventure Fragrance By Bentley

Infinite Rush follows on from the launch of the Bentley Infinite line. Spicy and fresh with a warm woody base, it is an exhilarating fragrance option for those who push themselves to the limit.

Bentley Infinite Rush Eau de Toilette 60ml
Bentley Infinite Rush Eau de Toilette 60ml

The Bentley Infinite Rush bottle:  crackling  effect supports the senses

Bentley Infinite Rush goes even further by completing its premium glass with a high-tech crackled effect, an innovation on a fragrance bottle.

This peeling paint effect symbolizes untamed nature and the arid earth that the Infinite Rush adventurer will travel across on his exploits. These embossed effects produce an intense tactile sensation when held in the hand. Equally important thanks to the transparent glass, the eau de toilette can be viewed as if through the cracks of the parched ground.

Bentley’s legendary winged B is affixed to the center of the bottle. An embossed metal plaque contributes to its luxurious feel.  The box echoes the Bentley Infinite Rush bottle, with a band of knurling on the top and the winged initial B affixed to a two-tone box combining satin silver and a cracked motif.

The new Bentley Infinite Rush line will be available in selected international perfumeries and department stores from April 2016. Harrods’ exclusivity from March 8 to 22, 2016.

Eau de Toilette  60ml               £43             €59
Eau de Toilette 100ml             £59.50         €79


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