Chiron Capsule: The Ettore Bugatti Collection

Ettore Bugatti launches the Bugatti Chiron capsule collection dedicated to the brand’s latest sports car.

The Chiron Driving Leather Jacket
The Chiron Driving Leather Jacket

A unique handmade polish treatment creates a duo-tone effect on the sturdy calf leather Chiron driving jacket. The new dynamic quilting that recalls the Chiron car seats which can be found on the back of the jacket, the polish metallic lining and the luxurious silver hardware, create an exclusive outerwear piece. The distinctive horseshoe shape finishes off this one-of-a-kind jacket.

Chiron Hybrid Sweater and Pants
Chiron Hybrid Sweater and Pants

The Ettore Bugatti luxury clothing line is turning up the heat with a special capsule collection dedicated to the Bugatti Chiron, the brand’s latest super sports car. This exclusive capsule range, composed of twelve pieces and accompanying eyewear was just unveiled alongside the new 1,500 hp-high-performance car during the 86th Geneva International Motor Show.

The Ettore Bugatti Collection was launched two and a half years ago as a major step in Bugatti’s brand extension strategy. With its super sports cars, Bugatti now not only stands for technological leadership and breathtaking performance but also for art, design, luxury and an exclusive lifestyle.

The collection includes two main lines, which are mainly intended for men: the EB Ettore Bugatti line and the Bugatti Performance line. In addition to these two lines, there is also a Tailor Made/Bespoke range exclusively for Bugatti customers. While the collection currently focuses on clothing and accessories, design objects are due to follow at a later stage.

The Ettore Bugatti Collection is entirely made in Italy. Every item is numbered, with only 431 of each being produced to reflect the land speed record (kilometres per hour) that Bugatti alone was able to achieve.



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