Eric Traut of the Traut Firm Sues “Peeping Tom” Hollywood Assistant Director on Behalf of Victims

Kevin Thomas Roy Is Being Sued by Eric Traut

A lawsuit has been filed against a Hollywood assistant director by attorney Eric Traut of Traut Firm following seven years of “peeping tom” footage discovered on a home computer, several hard drives, and a criminal conviction of invasion of privacy, on behalf of three of the victims, filed in LA County courts, August 11. Read the case file Here

Many of the “Peeping Tom” incidents occurred during filming of more than 50 movies and music videos on which AD Kevin Thomas Roy had unique access during his employment to prey on actors and actresses. Frequently, his work role included the task of setting up the designated changing and private areas on set. Footage was also obtained during private events including a child’s birthday party and on a relative’s honeymoon in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Attorney Eric Traut is suing on behalf of the victims for damages for invasion of privacy, emotional distress, and trespassing, among other violations of civil code. Says Traut, “It is my hope that through this legal action, my clients can recover mentally and emotionally from the harm caused to them by being filmed undressed without their consent for Mr. Roy’s own prurient interests.”

US actor Johnny Depp and Spanish actress
Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz – Photo Credit: Francis Guillot/Getty Images

Johnny Depp is said to have launched his own private investigation specially to find out the activities of an on-set “pervert” that he suspected long time back.


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